We value your contributions on VGVIDS.com in all possible ways. Your comments, news & video tips, filled in forms, forum topics and forum replies help us reach our goal in becoming the Greatest Gaming Community on the web. Thank you for your engagement!

VGVIDS appreciates variety in opinions and debate. We like a fight with words as long as you can make a strong case for your argument. Therefore we will not quickly intervene in discussions or ban you from our website. However, we do need some house rules to prevent total anarchy.

To not have too many wining fanboys flooding our email inbox with questions like: “Why am I banned, this site sucks! And I fuckd yah motha!” …we’ll explain down below the three types of corrective actions you can face as a VG User. Before we will enforce the corrective action, we’ll send an email to your user email account stating the reason why we decided to do so.

  1. Deduction of Tokens

If we dislike what you’ve done we can deduct your Tokens. The amount can be anywhere between 0 and infinity. This means you can lose all your Tokens and this also means you can even end up with a negative Token balance in your account. How many Tokens are deducted? Totally depends on what you did and the mood of the deciding VG Team member. So better stay in favour with all team members! But in general you can see deduction of Tokens as the lightest form of punishment. Can you earn back your Tokens? Yes you can… sometimes. To get a chance of earning back your Tokens you’ve to send us an email as explained in further detail down below.

  1. Temporary Ban

This will be the most common form of punishment after number 1: Deduction of Tokens. This is because corrective action number 3 down below is irreversible. We believe in second changes, even if you’ve been a bad boy or girl. And in case you are an adult troll living in a basement with nacho’s hidden in your belly button: even then we think you deserve a second change to stay part of our great community. But you have to proof yourself. A Temporary Ban is only lifted if you send us an email (ApologeesForBeingaJackass@vgvids.com) wherein you ask for foregiveness, wherein you offer your sincere apologies, and wherein you explain why you acted the way you did. The reviewing team member can either conclude on accepting your apology, or he/she can give you a follow up assignment. A good example is letting you write an essay about why you consider yourself a gamer and what game(s) in particular made you fell in love with games.

  1. Irreversible Ban

The title speaks for itself. It is irreversible. Your account will be deleted and your earnings are lost. You will receive an IP Ban, your email will be blacklisted, and you cannot create an account easily again. You disappointed VGVIDS and the community in such a way that we discontinue you to play. To get an Irreversible Ban you did some bad shit my friend. We will still notify you by email about the reason why we ban you, but don’t bother to contact us via the email address provided under number 2. Too little, too late…there are other sites for your hate.

How do I know what types of behaviour end in me facing one of three types of corrective actions described above?

We think that’s a fair question. So far we did not tell you for what actions we will punish you and how we interpreter the severity of what you’ve done. Since our team exists of people, interpretation and judgement can depend on a combination of mindset, emotion and reflection on shared values. At least we can show you a form of guideline that resembles VGVIDS’s shared values. The team member who’ll review your case will always have this guideline in mind in making his or her decision. Per subject we will give you examples of how we decide which corrective action will be taken.

Trolling & Fanboyism

We can see the beauty of Trolling & Fanboyism from time to time. If the E3 presentation of Microsoft or Sony is that much worse than the competitor in a particular year, feel free to type the other company sucked. Feed the anger, be a good fanboy… we can even chuckle a bit if you do. But make sure you do this by related posts or topics. If the post or topic is about the E3 presentations: troll ahead. Is the topic about a new Playstation game and you’re going to comment that the Sony Presentation sucked balls while not commenting on the game itself… you are a bit off in our opinion.

Deduction of Tokens: Minor trolling & fanboyism, not commenting under related topics.

Temporary Ban: Continuous trolling & fanboyism under related or unrelated topics. No further input besides trolling and being a fanboy (or girl).

Irreversible Ban: Activating an account for the sake of trolling or rampant fanboyism without any intention to contribute in a more in depth manner in discussions.


Judging someone for the colour of their skin or background is evil. You don’t choose where you are born and how you look like when you pop out, so respect other human beings. There is no other interpretation possible in our mind. That having said, we are not a political correct platform. We believe you should be able to speak freely and we believe that making jokes will help to reflect on real life situations. But of course there’s a limit to what you can do or say. Hopefully the following examples give you a clear picture of what we think is aloud and not aloud:

Deduction of Tokens: If it is not racist, no deduction. If it is racist, a more severe corrective action is needed.

Temporary Ban: Racist comment(s). It could be the case that you just slipped for once. Like: “That Asian guy laying in the sand sniper killed me… I saw him too late, too much yellow” Damn son… on the edge. Although maybe not racist with full intention, think about what your words mean to others. Temporary ban for you to reflect.

Irreversible ban: Racist comment(s). Like: “You can’t comment on the Playstation White Edition, because your avatar photo is black”. Over and out for you my friend.

Sexism & Sexuality

Like racism, you can’t choose if you are born a girl or a boy. Also we believe in a free world. Love who you want to love. Be who you want to be. Respect one another. It is that simple. Now some more clarification on how VGVIDS thinks of men and women: both are quite okay we think, although each side has some bad characteristics. Boys are dirty and that is pretty much it. Girls nag the whole time, you can’t be around them at least once a month, and they don’t talk to come to a conclusion but talk for the sake of talking. O damn, now we did it… Social Justice Warriors in 3,2,1…

Jokes aside, we think that both girls and boys are strong enough to endure some teasing from the opposite site. However, we can still think of some reasons to punish you:

Deduction of Tokens: If you say shit like “Girl, don’t comment, play with barbies”. It kills the discussion and it’s unnecessary.

Temporary Ban: Saying shit like in the example above over and over again.

Irreversible Ban: “Bitch, stop talking and suck my dick”, or “Boy, lick my hairy clit”.


Did your momma not raise you well? Can’t you think of a way to comment or to win an argument by not swearing all the time? We think you can. This doesn’t mean you can’t commit to some minor swearing time to time. We know it makes commenting more fun. But anyways, here are the corrective actions for swearing:

Deduction of Tokens: “That’s a shit game”. “That’s a fucked up game”. “Nintendo sucks donkey balls”. Not a problem, but if you repeat yourself over and over its starts to annoy.

Temporary Ban: If you swear in every sentence or if you have to swear in religious terms or use diseases in a bad way to win your argument.

Irreversible Ban: Creating an account and swearing from the get-go. Swearing at moments in a discussion wherein it comes across totally unnecessary. Swearing in religious terms or if you use diseases in a bad way.


We are a website reporting about games and the game industry. There are more than enough websites around which can help you to express yourself about all things not related to gaming. Besides that, please check out our Forum. We created a special Off-Topic Discussion page for you to discuss whatever pops up in your mind. So at every other place on VGVIDS: please only comment and place topic replies that relate to the subject. It’s not that hard. In case you do think it is hard:

Deduction of Tokens: Being off-topic.

Temporary Ban: Being off-topic all the time.

Irreversible Ban:  Clearly off-topic for a reason of self-interest. No intention to engage with the community.

Politics & Religion

Yes we are aware, once in a few years it is time for people to vote for local or national elections and this causes an increase in political debate and social tensions. Let us be clear: we are a site by Gamers for Gamers, and we provide a platform for game related discussions and news. We are neutral and will almost never address political, religious or social issues on VGVIDS.com. We believe that games can bring people together and help you forget about life’s struggles. We like to entertain you and do not want to exclude gamers from engaging on our site because of their religious or political backgrounds. If you still like our site so much that you don’t want to leave, but still want to share your thoughts with fellow gamers on non-game related topics, we offer you the chance to do so on our Forum. Go to the Off-Topic Discussion page and post whatever you like, keeping in mind the house rules as explained here. In case you still try to become the next religious or political leader anywhere else on this website:

Deduction of Tokens: Starting an unnecessary political or religious discussion.

Temporary Ban: Continuing your never ending journey of showing your political or religious superiority.

Irreversible Ban: Social Justice Warriors and Religious Guru’s that SPAM every post with their self-acclaimed wisdom: “See yah….never again”.

Self-Promotion & Spamming

We get it. You see a big audience and you want to tell more about yourself, your social media channel or your own website. However, we don’t allow this on VGVIDS.com due to the simple fact that if you contribute enough game related (video) links via the SUBMIT VID button in the header menu (or dropdown menu in mobile view) we’ll give your website or social media channel special attention on the Contributors page. Besides that, you are simply off-topic. So, here are the punishments for not obeying:

Deduction of Tokens: Linking to your  own website or social media channel.

Temporary Ban: Linking to your own website or social media channel regularly.

Irreversible Ban: Linking from the get-go to your own website or social media channel almost every time. Spamming: (for example: “Click on this link to see your dick grow while making a million Dollars”).

Fake News

We like to argue based on facts and appreciate it if you participate in discussions with at least some basic knowledge about the subject discussed. If you like Fake News, please watch CNN. O Damn….we did it again…don’t be angry, as we told you before: we at VGVIDS hope you can take a hit from time to time. Humour is key for a good discussion and the start for self-reflection. We welcome all gamers no matter their background or political views. That having said and coming back on facts: please try to win an argument based on proper self-study and by communicating correct information. Trying to win an argument based on lies can kill discussions. We think of the following corrective actions in case your are a fake little fellow:

Deduction of Tokens: For example: Don’t try to win a discussion about which console sells better while you use sales statistics that are a more than a year old and lost their relevance. Maybe you simply didn’t know, but we still think you are a bit stupid.

Temporary Ban: Trying to win an argument while it is almost certain you used false data or incorrect information to win an argument. We dislike dishonesty. Go write an essay!

Irreversible Ban: Using fake arguments and incorrect information all the time to kill discussions. You are probably warned before either by Deduction of Tokens or by a Temporary Ban. Now face reality: you are irreversibly banned.

Unspecified Annoying Behaviour

Sometimes it is just hard to think about why we’re so annoyed by your contribution(s). Most of the time we’re able to categorize it as “Trolling”.  However, sometimes people are able to annoy the VG Team or fellow users simply by writing comments and replies that don’t fall under any of the categories described above. In that case you are not safe, but we have to say… you are creative! Therefore this can only result in Deduction of Tokens or a Temporary Ban. You’re creativity shields you from facing an Irreversible Ban.

That’s it folks!

Thank you for reading the VG House Rules. Play by the rules to rule. Hmm… sounds a bit off. But hopefully you get what we try to accomplish here: Don’t be Dick or Cunt and let us together make VGVIDS.com the Greatest Gaming Community on the web!

Game Out… not Over,

VG Team